The Bail Trap – The New York Times

    Aug 16, 2015 · Feature. The Bail Trap. Every year, thousands of innocent people are sent to jail only because they can’t afford to post bail, putting them at risk of losing their jobs, custody of their

    Can’t Afford Bail and Stuck in Jail? Not Anymore in California

    Feb 21, 2018 · The bail system in California is set to undergo a major shakeup, starting next week, after state Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Tuesday that he would not appeal a …

    Bail Bond Insurance | American Surety Company – The Bail

    South Carolina – The SCBAA met in Columbia October 10th. As with nearly every SCBAA meeting, there was a continuing education component. There was significant discussion regarding enacted legislation, supported by SCBAA that states, a bond expires after 36 months if certain conditions are met.

    Bail Out | Slate Star Codex

    I’m curious if D.C.’s algorithm has been challenged under a disparate impact theory for recommending release more often for white people than black people – facially-similar algorithms have been challenged on such grounds in the past.

    Kids for cash scandal – Wikipedia

    The "kids for cash" scandal centered on judicial kickbacks to two judges at the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. In 2008, judges Michael Conahan and Mark Ciavarella were accused of accepting money in return for imposing harsh adjudications on juveniles to increase occupancy at for-profit detention centers.. Ciavarella disposed thousands of children to

    Innocent Until Proven Guilty, But Only If You Can Pay

    Not sure why prosecutors are for lower bail. The process has always seemed to be: overcharge, set a high bail, keep in jail, delay the trial, do a plea deal for lesser charges and agree to time

    The Fight to Fix America’s Broken Bail System – Governing

    The Fight to Fix America’s Broken Bail System Jails are filled with low-risk offenders awaiting court dates. There’s bipartisan support to change that, so why is it still hard to get anything done?

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    How Mississippi bail bond agents reap profits from petty

    It was the highest take in Mississippi, according to a Marshall Project analysis of bonds tracked by the state Department of Insurance. It is difficult to peer into the financial workings of the bail industry, where public sector services are performed by private companies largely shielded from scrutiny.

    Net Profit, EBITDA, Operating Cash Flow and Free Cash Flow

    A company’s value is a summation of its stream of future cash flows. If we wish to determine roughly the value of the company then we need to appreciate its future cash flow.

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